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Aint Nothin like Have'n Sand In Yur Bed

well i havent updated in awhile becuz i have been on vacation with Paul ( the love of my ferickin life!) we went to north carolina. NOW i am not gunna fill you al in on the detaisl but just the major parts. we started out the vacation by staying the nite it pennslvanyia and then the next nite we stayed in virginia and then we drove to NORTH CAROLINA!!! and then we stayed there for a week. and then we packed up and left and then we stayed the nite in West Virginia. then we stopped at one of pauls moms friend and we stayed there for like 2 hours and then we drove home and got there at like 9 =) WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! we went crab hunting. and belly boarding and i got sand up my ass for a week. i got a major tan and i got lotsa cool stuff! like sea-shells and i Betty-Boop Ornament and a sweatshirt and a hat and a dolphin shirt =) i love them all and i thank mom #2 for buying me the things i owe her =D

well thenyesterday we didnt go to swim practice. ACTULLY! it was a meet so we missed a meet. but we have one tommorow. and we had practice today. and i hurt like hell cuz evertime i did my butterfly or my breaststroke wrong, the ASSISTANT coach made me do it all over again it was gay.

well we mite be going camping this summer ( my family) and Paul and Cristyn Shall be joining us =)

my nose is all stuffy. I keep sneezin

i got these kick ass earings and they glow in the dark. they are so wicked sweet =)

well i am so done and i hope you all enjoyed this post.

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